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Plugin Issue - "not maintained here"

If you have reached this page, it is possible that you have been posting an issue which is unrelated to Trac core, but rather to a Trac plugin.

Trac is designed to be extended with functionality outside the core. Non-core functionality is implemented in a so called plugin, that has its own maintainer, documentation and issue log. All plugins recognised by the Trac community reside at TracHacks.

To post the issue that you have found, check the details of the error page. In particular, check the URL which triggered the problem ("While doing a GET/PUT operation on /…"), the Request parameters and the Traceback itself for hints about the identity of the plugin which caused the problem.

Once you have identified the plugin, please report the error to that particular plugin's maintainer. Details of how to report the error can be found on the plugin documentation page on TracHacks.

For more information:

See also: InstallationIssue, WrongTrac

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