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#11799 closed defect

First entry 8 is selected in dropdown for rows of textarea in wiki edit page by default — at Initial Version

Reported by: Jun Omae Owned by:
Priority: normal Milestone: 1.0.3
Component: wiki system Version: 0.12-stable
Severity: minor Keywords:
Cc: Branch:
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When a user which its session is empty, in wiki edit page, first entry 8 is selected in dropdown for height of textarea. However, height of the textarea is 20 rows.

Pressing preview button after this, the height will be 8 rows and "8" will be stored in session. The behavior is annoying me.

  • trac/wiki/web_ui.py

    diff --git a/trac/wiki/web_ui.py b/trac/wiki/web_ui.py
    index 94e8bfc..f1af122 100644
    a b class WikiModule(Component):  
    522522            page.readonly = 'readonly' in req.args
    524524        author = get_reporter_id(req, 'author')
    525         defaults = {'editrows': 20}
     525        defaults = {'editrows': '20'}
    526526        prefs = dict((key, req.session.get('wiki_%s' % key, defaults.get(key)))
    527527                     for key in ('editrows', 'sidebyside'))

Also, the selected rows isn't stored in the user's session when the page is saved. However, if submitting changes and the changes collide against another changes, the rows will be incongruously stored in the session.

I think the rows should be stored even if submitting changes.

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