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#10602 closed defect

GitPlugin: Fix cache — at Initial Version

Reported by: Peter Suter Owned by:
Priority: normal Milestone: 1.0.2
Component: plugin/git Version: 1.0dev
Severity: normal Keywords: performance cache
Cc: Jun Omae Branch:
Release Notes:
API Changes:


Created as part of the move of GitPlugin. Tickets originally reported for th:GitPlugin: th:#8016, th:#4505

Quoting xarkam:

If files in git repositories as renamed, the git plugin does not read the change.

Change on trac.ini in [git] section cached_repository = true to false resolve this bug.

Quoting anonymous:

Once a commit is reset, GitPlugin keeps complaining about the missing changeset even when newer changesets modify the same files. Browsing the git repo is not possible anymore after this. Disabling the cache in trac.ini worked around the errors, but browsing changes is now very slow.

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