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link to a few more proposals and list 0.13 tickets

Trac Wiki Engine

The Wiki engine corresponds to the Wiki syntax parser and formatter which is responsible for transforming the Wiki text source into some rendered content, according to the WikiFormatting rules.

Currently, the parsing and formatting are done in one go, and it's been a long time goal to separate them in distinct stages. The TracDev/Proposals/WikiParserFormatterSplit presents the requirements and the proposed implementation for the new engine. It also gives an overview of most of the opened tickets that should be solved by the new engine.

Note that the proposal itself is at an early stage. Once it stabilizes and after the proposal becomes "reality", this page will be used to document the engine itself (or will point to the appropriate place)

Other work-in-progress document are TracDev/Proposals/VerticalHorizontalParsing, with some more recent ideas about the parsing, and TracDev/Proposals/AdvancedWikiFormatting for extra syntax that would be nice to support (although a good deal of it has already been done for 0.12).

List of tickets already on the plate for 0.13:

Ticket Summary Priority Status
No tickets found

See also: TracWiki, TracLinks, parser.py, formatter.py

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.