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how to use [2224] to add your project logo or icon


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    33== Introduction ==
    44This page is meant to give users suggestions on how they can customize the look of Trac.  Topics on this page should cover editing the HTML templates and CSS files, but not the program code itself.  The topics are intended to show users how they can modify the look of Trac to meet their specific needs.  Suggestions for changes to Trac's interface applicable to all users should be filed as tickets, not listed on this page.
     6== Project Logo and Icon ==
     7The easiest parts of the Trac interface to customize are the logo and the site icon.  Both of these can be configured with settings in [wiki:TracIni trac.ini].
     9The logo or icon image should be put in a folder named "htdocs" in your project's environment folder.  (''note: in projects created before 0.9 you will need to create this folder'')
     11Now configure the appropriate section of your [wiki:TracIni trac.ini]:
     13=== Logo ===
     14Change the `src` setting to `project/` followed by the name of your image file.  The `width` and `height` settings should be modified to match your image's dimensions.
     18src = project/my_logo.gif
     19width = 300
     20height = 100
     23=== Icon ===
     24Icons should be a 16x16 image in `.gif` or `.ico` format.  Change the `icon` setting to `project/` followed by the name of your icon file.  Icons will typically be displayed by your web browser next to the site's URL and in the `Bookmarks` menu.
     28icon = project/my_icon.ico
    631== Site Header & Footer ==