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Trac Installation Guide

The Trac web-based project management tool is implemented as a server side cgi-program. Trac is written in the Python programming language and store it's data in a sqlite database.


The following dependencies have to be installed:

Installing Trac

$ python ./setup.py build $ python ./setup.py install

Initializing the database

Trac stores wiki pages, tickes and other information in a sqlite database. Sqlite databases ar just ordinary files on the harddrive, no database server is required.

A new trac database can be created like this:

$ trac_admin /path/to/mydatabase.db initdb

NOTE: The database file have to be located in a directory where the webserver user has write permission to both the file and the directory.

This creates a new database using default values. Some settings still need to be modified to get your Trac installation up and running. The following command will display the trac configuration:

$ trac_admin /path/to/mydatabase.db config view

Most settings should be okey, but you have to verify that these settings are correct:

  • general.repository_dir. This should be the path to the svn repository.
  • general.templates_dir. This should be the path to the trac template directory.

A config value is modified like this:

$ trac_admin /path/to/mydatabase.db config set <name> <value>

Configuring Apache


Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.