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Git Plugin for Trac (#10594)

This a plugin for Trac which enables Git to be used as the VersionControlSystem for Trac.

Download and Installation


You can download Git itself from Git:Download.

We try to maintain backward compatibility with versions of Git as old as 1.5.6, up to the latest. Better use a recent version however.


The configuration has to be done on the Trac side, there's nothing to do on the Git repository side, except for the fact that the repository should be made accessible as a local repository. Thanks to the distributed nature of Git, that's always possible (if the repository is not already local, simply git clone it).

Trac Git plugin

The Trac Git plugin is included with Trac (since 0.13) as an optional component. You simply have to explicitly enable the plugin in TracIni:

tracopt.versioncontrol.git.* = enabled

Setting up a Trac environment

You can either reuse an existing Trac environment, or create a brand new one.

For general instructions, see TracInstall.

When creating a new environment with TracAdmin initenv command,

  • for the repository type, specify git instead of the default svn.
  • for the repository directory, specify the location of the Git repository (including the ending .git).

Your <trac_environment>/conf/trac.ini configuration file should have a [trac] section similar to the following:

repository_type = git
repository_dir = /path/to/my/hg/repository.git

There's also a few Git specific settings in TracIni:

## let Trac cache meta-data via CachedRepository wrapper; default: false
cached_repository = true

## disable automatic garbage collection for in-memory commit-tree cache; default: false
persistent_cache = true

## length revision sha-sums should be tried to be abbreviated to (must be >= 4 and <= 40); default: 7
shortrev_len = 6

## minimum length for which hex-strings will be interpreted as commit ids in wiki context; default: 40
wiki_shortrev_len = 7

## executable file name (in case of doubt use absolute path!) of git binary; default: 'git'
git_bin = /usr/src/git-dev/git

## define charset encoding of paths stored within git repository; default: 'utf-8'
git_fs_encoding = latin1

## enable reverse mapping of git email addresses to trac user ids; default: false
trac_user_rlookup = true

## use git-committer id instead of git-author id as changeset owner; default: true
use_committer_id = false

## use git-committer timestamp instead of git-author timestamp as changeset time; default: true
use_committer_time = false

Setting up post-receive hooks

If you want to enable post-receive hook functionality on your repository, put a post-receive script into your_repository.git/hooks/.

TODO Include post-receive scripts attached to http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/GitPlugin#post-receivehookscripts

You must also enable the CommitTicketUpdater functionality in your trac.ini by adding

tracopt.ticket.commit_updater.* = enabled

to the [components] section.


  • Browsing source code in a Git repository via the TracBrowser
  • Viewing the change history of a file or directory using TracRevisionLog
  • Performing diffs between any two files or two directories
  • Displaying submitted changes in the TracTimeline
  • (Optionally) caching TracChangeset information in Trac's database
  • Caching Git commit relation graph in memory
  • Using the TracSearch page to search change descriptions
  • Annotation support, also known as "blame" operation
  • Interpretation of 40-character wide hex-strings as sha1 commit checksums


  • repository_dir in the configuration section needs to be the .git repository directory (i.e. the one containing the file HEAD and config), not the working tree directory that holds the .git/ folder.
  • Wrong permissions may also be the cause of the error GitError: GIT control files not found, maybe wrong directory?. Make sure the repository_dir argument is accessible via git by the tracd process.
  • If you are noticing a slow down in trac with a repository above 500 commits, try disabling the caching. It seems to bog things down as a repo grows.
  • Don't forget to enable the plugin:
        tracopt.versioncontrol.git.* = enabled 
  • If you don't see the shortrev and commit branch, you probably have caching enabled (cached_repository = true, persistent_cache = true). Set those to false.

Known Issues

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The plugin was developed by Herbert Valerio Riedel for Trac 0.10-0.13 at th:GitPlugin / GitHub. For Trac 0.13 it has now been included as a bundled optional plugin, and is maintained and developed here

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