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Dec 7, 2007, 7:20:59 PM (14 years ago)
Christian Boos

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    4343   - relative links like `[#anchor see this section]` always link to the proper originating page or ticket, irrelevant from where the wiki text appears (e.g. in the timeline)
    4444   - new `#!div` wiki processor and new `[[span]]` macro added. The former can be used to encapsulate an arbitrary block of wiki markup in a <div> element. The second can be used to encapsulate an arbitrary fragment of wiki markup in a <span> element. Both div and span can be provided with attributes like `class=...` or `style="..."`.
     45   - `[[Image]]` macro can now "link" to an arbitrary TracLinks instead of the image's attachment itself
     46   - InterTrac prefixes written alone can be used to target the default page in the remote Trac, e.g. `[TracHacks: the site for contributing Trac plugins]`
     47   - `trac:` InterTrac prefix is known by default and refers to the "Trac for Trac"
    4649=== Ticket System ===
    5356 * Major usability enhancement for the CC: field
    5457 * Like for the concurrent wiki edits, a conflict due to simultaneous editing of a ticket by two or more users lead to warnings, minimizing the risk for the user to loose his changes
     58 * Syntax for linking to arbitrary ticket comments is now more intuitive: use `comment:3:ticket:123` for linking to the 3^rd^ comment of ticket !#123. Alternatively, you can write: `ticket:123#comment:3` (but ''not'' `#123#comment:3`!)
    5660==== Roadmap and Milestone ====