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    4646=== Ticket System ===
     48==== Ticket Editing ====
    4849 * The ticket workflow is now configurable, see TracWorkflow
    4950 * Improved preview, showing the comment preview at the top of the page, so one can see at the same time the preview of the comment and the preview of the fields and the description in the ticket box
    5051 * It is now possible to examine the changes made to the ticket description and textual custom fields
     52 * The display of field changes has been improved and is now more compact
     53 * Major usability enhancement for the CC: field
    5154 * Like for the concurrent wiki edits, a conflict due to simultaneous editing of a ticket by two or more users lead to warnings, minimizing the risk for the user to loose his changes
     56==== Roadmap and Milestone ====
     58 * The Milestones can now have attachments
     59 * If needed, it is possible to configure additional ticket groups to be shown in the milestone progress bar (according to the status). For even more complex needs, a plugin can now take over the way the tickets and stats are collected.
     62==== Reports and Custom Queries ====
    5263 * Improved custom queries:
    53    - selectable columns
     64   - columns can now be selected
    5465   - possibility to save custom queries as reports
    5566   - possibility to configure the default custom query, both for anonymous and authenticated users
     67 * the `[[TicketQuery]]` now supports a `format=table` option, which will produce the usual tabular result of a custom query, see the [TracWikiMacros#TicketQuery-macro macro documentation].
     68 * the custom query can list a fixed set of tickets, either using the `[[TicketQuery]]` macro or `query:` links
    5770=== Repository Browser ===