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Change History for TracCrossReferences

Version Date Author Comment
16 18 months figaro Typo
15 18 months figaro Further cosmetic changes
14 18 months figaro Typo
13 4 years figaro Added link to outstanding issues
12 4 years figaro Cosmetic changes, removed dead link
11 12 years Christian Boos update - no longer a branch
10 13 years Christian Boos answering jm3's question
9 13 years jm3 confused about how this implements automatic back-links
8 13 years Christian Boos Show how the xrefs looked like
7 14 years jornh Updating link to the current code in the Implementation Notes section
6 14 years Christian Boos Added more references to existing tickets
5 14 years Christian Boos Much more details about the relations and some current status info
4 14 years Christian Boos Added a few ideas about the relations
3 14 years anonymous
2 15 years Christian Boos The beginning of a real documentation
1 15 years Christian Boos Preliminary documentation for the cross-references feature