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Trac Case Studies in SCM & Project Management Process

NOTE: I am not familiar with the trade-offs between different Trac Layouts. So I wanted to find different examples of how Trac Users have the process setup but couldn't find any. I found numerous installation examples but nothing regarding layout and structure

A few examples of Trac Full Layouts. Each case should include Trac Layout, Trade Off (Positive/Negative), ticket process, usage of Trac Features such as what you are using components, versions, and reports. We will have generic, idealized models section and a Real-world. Please don't use real company names.

What follows are different possibilities when structuring your Trac process. While you can find instructions for installing Trac on specific systems at TracInstallPlatforms on the main Trac site, this is for putting everything together.

Generic, idealized models

Small teams

Central Planning

Managed Chaos

Rapid Development

Real-world studies

Company ABC

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.