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Nov 10, 2004, 2:44:25 PM (18 years ago)
Christopher Lenz

Question about the moved status


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    102102 1. Settings for several predefined reports are overridden during the upgrade.  If standard reports have been customized for a project, then it is necessary to repeat the customization using the following steps:
    103103   1. Go to directory ''' ''project-path''/db''';
    104    1. Dump existing project by running '''sqlite trac.db .dump >dump.new'''
    105    1. Dump original project by running '''sqlite trac.db.7.bak .dump >dump.old'''
    106    1. Diff the dumps and analyze the difference in reports (ignore other changes);
     104   1. Dump existing reports by running {{{sqlite trac.db ".dump report" > dump.new}}}
     105   1. Dump original reports by running {{{sqlite trac.db.7.bak ".dump report" > dump.old}}}
     106   1. Diff the dumps and analyze the differences;
    107107   1. Login into the project as an administrator and edit appropriate reports.
    108108 1. For every project where enhanced workflow is required:
    109    1. Run '''trac-admin ''project-path'' '''and configure the project:
     109   1. Run {{{trac-admin /path/to/projenv}}} and configure the project:
    110110     1. Review and modify ''components''. Specify '''owner''' and '''qaowner''' for every component;
    111111     1. Review and modify ''milestones''. Specify '''owner''' for every milestone.
    125125     * Status ''verified'' is used by Release Manager for releasing a product.
    126126   * New resolution status ''moved'' added.  It is used when a ticket is moved from one project to another;
     127     * ''What does this have to do with the workflow system? It looks like a totally separate concern to me, and should probably me moved into a separate ticket/patch.'' -- ChristopherLenz
    127128   * New field ''qaowner'' added to ''components''.  It defines QA engineer that is responsible for a component:
    128129     * Command '''trac-admin component add''' modified so that ''qaowner'' can be specified.  If it is omitted, then ''qaowner'' equals to ''owner'';