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    3030== Related Tickets ==
    31 [[TicketQuery(group=status,order=priority,col=summary|component|milestone,format=table,keywords=~multirepos)]]
    3333== Installation (with mercurial) ==
    9393== TODO ==
     94=== Merge ===
     96Now with #7116 nearly done, it's time to plan the merge.
     98 * What remains to be done is mainly documentation, as when people using `trunk` will get the multirepository changes, they'll need to find out what to do, in ["0.12/TracRepositoryAdmin"]:
     99   - mainly what they need to do for adapting their repository hooks
     100   - what they can do with their default repository (setting up an alias for default, or better, "migrating" their unnamed default repository to a named repository and add an alias to the empty repo pointing to the new name)
     101   - trac-admin (repository and changeset commands)
     102     - hidden and url attributes
     103   - admin panel intro
     104 * anything else?
     106Not strictly needed before the merge but would be nice:
     107 - #7743 for mercurial - should add a contrib file there, containing a `hook` function calling the Trac API appropriately, and have an example of a command hook calling trac-admin directly.
    94109=== Major ===
    95110 - split repository names at "/" in the repository browser (i.e. show only the ''a'' entry at toplevel when we have repositories `a/one` and `a/two`, show ''one'' and ''two'' when expanding ''a'')
    101116   where the changeset icon doesn't align properly to the right
    102117   (but works fine for every other web browser, including Firefox 3) ~~ FF 2 is now dead, isn't it?
    103  - "normal" feature: it's currently not possible to compare across repositories
     118 - "normal" feature: it's currently not possible to compare across repositories (#4048)
    104119   (the situation is detected, but raises a "not implemented" error).
    105120   It would be quite useful to be able to do so, and it's doable without much work
    108123   ~~In a first step, the existing cache could be adapted to simply handle more than one repository.~~ [[br]]
    109124   Bonus points if that cache is smart enough to handle multiple scoped repositories without data duplication. [[br]]
    110    A second (much) more ambitious step would be to generalize the cache so that it can support other (d)vcs.
     125   A second (much) more ambitious step would be to generalize the cache so that it can support other (d)vcs, but this is somewhat out of scope of the MultiRepos task itself.
    112127=== Minor Points ===
    144159 - one possibility would be to not list aliases (even aliases for the `[trac] repository_dir`). I think that's acceptable, but there should be an easy way to learn about the defined aliases, maybe they can be listed at the bottom of the toplevel page.
    145160 - OTOH, aliases might be defined simply because they are more convenient names than the "real" ones, so in the end, more flexibility is needed. Add a `.browseable` flag, a la Samba?
     161   * there's a `.hidden` flag now (and a corresponding `hidden` attribute on Repository that can be set via the admin panel or via:
     162     {{{
     163     trac-admin ... repository set hidden true
     164     }}}
    147166> Other than that, so far this is going to meet my needs quite nicely. Thanks!