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Added unnecessary string "%(field)s:"

Missing translations and i18n support

By module


Date & Time

  • In the Default|your time zone , this would be displayed as the Default" / "your" r9218

Date utils

  • The error received when entering an invalid date (e.g. for a milestone) is not translatable r9217


  • For Priorities, Ticket Types, Resolutions, Severities:
    • When adding new enum, the name of the field in the message "The %(field)s \"%(name)s\" has been added." is not translatable.
    • When removing existing enums, the name of the field in the message "The selected %(fields)s have been removed." is not translatable.
    • When attempting to add enums with duplicate names, the name of the field in the message "%(type)s %(name)s already exists" is not translatable.
    • Note that for Milestones and Versions the template file contains separate messages, so they are translatable.


  • The title "Configuration Error" is not translatable.

To recreate the problem I changed this in trac.ini:

max_size = ddd262144

And tried to upload an attachment.


  • Milestone milestone completed


  • In view milestone the dropdown of the ticket status by is not translatable.
  • In view milestone and in roadmap, the "Active" and "Closed" words (referring the ticket counts) are not translatable.


  • Number of matches in reports view. Example:
    (2 matches)
  • "Ticket" and "Created" headers in the reports table.


  • When editing a comment, three buttons are shown. Titles (<input … title="") of two of them — "Preview" and "Submit changes" — are not translatable.
  • Two buttons are show next to every comment — "Reply" and "Edit". Titles (<input … title="") of them both are not translatable.
  • In newticket, The Reporter fieldset title is not translatable.
  • In view ticket, the Author fieldset title is not translatable.


  • In view report, the titles of the Ticket and Created columns are not translatable.


  • When checking the "Show description under each result" ins query result, the description section that appears below each ticket contains the word description, which is not translatable.


Version(s) deletion

  • When trying to delete version(s) of wiki pages, on the confirmation page buttons "Delete this version" and "Delete those versions" are not translatable.
  • On the same page, the words in italics are not translatable too:

    Delete version(s) 2 to 7 of WikiStart

    Are you sure you want to delete versions 2 to 7 of this page?

Page deletion

  • When trying to completely delete a page, on the confirmation page the button "Delete page" is not translatable.
  • On the same page the word in italics is not translatable:

    Are you sure you want to completely delete this page?


  • When attempting login with no authentication configuration, the message "Authentication information not available. Please refer to the installation documentation." is not translatable.

Inappropriate grouping

  • The string "by" in timeline and in milestone_view (which is grouped in the messages template) does not have the same meaning. In timeline it means the user who made the last change ("by whom"), and in milestone_view it refers to the field to be grouped by ("according to what").
    • More specifically, the string "ticket status by" in the milestone_view should be treated as one, and not split to "ticket status" and "by".

Unnecessary strings

This strings probably unchanged in all translations:

#: trac/templates/about.html:38
msgid "COPYING"

#: trac/templates/about.html:44
msgid "http://trac.edgewall.org/"

#: trac/templates/error.html:227
msgid "TracGuide"

#: trac/templates/macros.html:161
#, fuzzy, python-format
msgid "%(title)s %(unit)s:"
msgid_plural "%(title)s %(units)s:"

#: trac/ticket/templates/ticket.html:267
#: trac/ticket/templates/ticket_box.html:43
#, python-format
msgid "%(field)s:"

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