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Database Backend

Currently, Trac uses SQLite as its database backend.

However, there has been several requests that other databases should be supported as well (see #126).

Existing Proposals and Implementations

  • Data Model Change If SQLObject (see below) works well, this proposal may not be necessary, but I would like some feedback (brad at dsource dot org) on the following proposal: TracTicketDataModelChanges

I like its elegance in handling custom fields, allowing multiple ticket attributes per ticket (i.e. this is a problem in 0.7.1, 0.8, and 0.9, so ticket gets multiple versions marked on it), and I imagine it results in reduced code overall for the app, because of the use of metadata.

Object-Relational Mapper

provide a unified object interface to different RDBMS

  • SQLObject I think some people have been talking about using SQLObject to accomplish this goal of database independence.
  • Modeling Another, more advanced (and more complex) OR-Mapper.

Comparisions between both and more info on Python ORMs:

Store Tickets and Wiki pages directly in the Subversion repository

A compelling idea with many


(taken from Subissue, a project that aims to implement such a solution)

  • "Issues are stored directly in your Subversion repository, next to your source — right where they belong!" Ie. you have access to your Issues and project documentation (Wiki) by just checking out your source.
  • no extra RDBMS required - Subversion already has its own database
  • "logging, intelligent reporting, history, and access control straight out of the box: most everything required for issue tracking is already in place — right down to email notification."


  • no SQL
  • (from 411) revision numbers of the repository would climb like crazy because every ticket added or edited would create a new changeset
  • (from 411) trac currently does not modify the repository at all — changing it to do so might create other problems

There seem to be more :( - the Subissue project seems to be dead.

Other Alternatives


Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.