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    11= !BitNami =
    3 [http://bitnami.org/ bitnami.org] provides:
    4  ''Free, easy to setup wikis, blogs, forums and many other web applications that you can run locally or in the cloud. !BitNami makes deploying server software a simple and enjoyable process.''
     3[http://bitnami.org/ bitnami.org] provides native installers, virtual machines and Amazon cloud images for popular web applications, including Trac.  Each one of the available "stacks" includes everything necessary for having a complete installation up and running in minutes. They are available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. All of the stacks are freely available and can be used for both development and production purposes.
    65Among the many self-contained "stacks" as they call it, there's a [http://bitnami.org/stack/trac Trac stack] which makes installing Trac with Apache and Subversion a no-brainer, especially on Windows where such a combination is often perceived as hard to get right. There are also vmware virtual machines and Amazon EC 2 Trac cloud images.
     7Combining one of the [http://bitnami.org/stack/trac#cloudImage Trac Amazon images] with the [http://aws.amazon.com/free Amazon Free Tier] it is possible to host a small server running Trac in the cloud completely for free. BitNami also offers a commercial service, [http://bitnami.org/cloud BitNami Cloud Hosting], that provides monitoring, backup and management services for instances hosted in the Amazon cloud, that supports Trac and that also has a free tier.