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Mar 8, 2007, 6:12:46 PM (13 years ago)
Christian Boos

#Th1214 you meant ;-)

Well, I agree that the original description was not explicitly targeted at ticket duplication, it's only because of comment:2 and comment:3 that this ticket has been focused on the ticket cloning topic. I'll cleanup the description to reflect that, as otherwise I think that #Th1214 should be implemented in the base ticket system, for the reasons mentioned in comment:4.


  • Ticket #4686

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    • Property Summary Front-end display and duplication using TracTicket duplication using Trac
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  • Ticket #4686 – Description

    initial v8  
     1It should be possible to create a new ticket by duplicating an existing ticket.
     3=== Use Cases ===
     4==== (from #th1214) ====
     5We just migrated to Trac from Bugzilla. The only feature we miss is the ability to clone a ticket into the new ticket fields. It would be great to have the Clone a Trac Ticket functionality.
     7==== (original request) ====
    18I'm hoping this has been done before and I'm just unable
    29to find it. I have a collection of HW which assigns tasks to multiple teams when it arrives. To help manage this data
    310I want to use Trac tasks. I have a GUI front end which solicits for all the data required in creating a task. It also solicits which teams are impacted. I want to create
    411as many issues as there are teams impacted with the components of each driving the owner.[[BR]]
    713I then want to be able to use the front end to manage
    1016where Teams A, B, and C all have very different assignments.[[BR]]
    1318I don't wish to reinvent the wheel. Is something similar to this already done?
     20==== tracking the status of an issue in different release lines ====
     22When there's a regression for a bug, instead of reopening the ticket (which will loose the information that this bug has been effectively fixed for the milestone indicated), one could duplicate it and schedule it for a given milestone on the other release line,
     23see #4298.
     25==== creating ticket templates ====
     26One could have a wiki page with links to a few "typical" tickets that could be used as a templates for creating new tickets.
     27Such tickets could have among other things prefilled descriptions, see #4044.