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Feb 20, 2011, 3:27:41 PM (7 years ago)
Jun Omae

Committed in r10571. Thanks for reviews and suggestions!


  • Ticket #2182

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    • Property Summary changed from "Invalid Date Format" error in Milestone schedule(Due and completed) to configurable date and time formats
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    • Property Keywords changed from Invalid Date format to i18n dateformat locale userpreferences needfixup
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  • Ticket #2182 – Release Notes

    initial v93  
     1Added i18n date and time feature
  • Ticket #2182 – API Changes

    initial v93  
     1 * `trac.util.datefmt`:
     2   * `format_{date,time,datetime}`, `parse_date` and `get_{date,datetime}_format_hint` takes optionals locale argument (default to None) [10571]
     3   * Added `user_time` helper function for `format_*` and `parse_date` functions [10571]
     4 * `trac.web.main`: Added `lc_time` property of `Request` class for selecting the date format [10571]