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Aug 14, 2017, 2:25:10 AM (3 years ago)
Ryan J Ollos

Committed to 1.2-stable in r16231, merged to trunk in [16232,16234].

I noticed the output was sorted without an explicit sort action in console.py. I tried debugging in the code and could not see where the output was being formatted. My best guess is that it's happening in readline.

Trac [/Users/rjollos/Documents/Workspace/trac-dev/tracenvs/proj-1.2]> config get
account-manager            mainnav                    spam-filter
attachment                 metanav                    sqlite
authz_policy               milestone                  svn
autowikify                 milestone-groups           svn:externals
browser                    mimeviewer                 ticket
changeset                  multiselectfield           ticket-custom
childtickets               notification               ticket-workflow
components                 notification-subscriber    ticketstats
discussion                 plantuml                   timeline
extra-permissions          project                    trac
git                        pygments-lexer             versioncontrol
gitweb-repositories        query                      wiki
header_logo                report                     wiki-notification
hg                         repositories               wikiextras
inherit                    revisionlog                wikiextras-custom-phrases
intertrac                  roadmap                    wikiextras-smileys
interwiki                  search                     wikiextras-symbols
logging                    simple-multi-project

I noticed that the output is not sorted when using pypi:pyreadline:

Trac [C:\Users\Ryan Ollos\My Documents\Workspace\proj-1.2]> config set
wiki                    notification            search
changeset               gitweb-repositories     interwiki
sqlite                  attachment              logging
authz_policy            mimeviewer              ticket-custom
roadmap                 milestone-groups        trac
header_logo             mainnav                 repositories
intertrac               timeline                inherit
versioncontrol          extra-permissions       project
svn:externals           metanav                 pygments-lexer
query                   milestone               components
notification-subscriber report                  ticket-workflow
revisionlog             ticket                  browser
git                     svn

I tried sorting the values returned by ConfigurationAdmin._complete_config, but it didn't seem to make a difference.

Anyway, I don't think it's too important, but if anyone determines the cause we can handle it in a new ticket.


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