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Mar 22, 2014, 5:57:42 PM (9 years ago)
Christian Boos

Replying to psuter:

I also quite like the idea of merging the anonymous Author section into the Add Comment section. But the Add/Remove from Cc: <Author field> checkbox becomes a bit puzzling.

Improved that with:

Besides, I also restored the reporter field which got removed by accident:

The anonymous user creating a ticket will now also see the reporter field in the same place as a ticket admin, i.e. as a field just below the Summary: field. The label will be different though (Your email or username) and the hint about Preferences will be there as well.


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  • Ticket #10207 – Release Notes

    initial v19  
     1Move the //Add Comment// fields below the //Modify Ticket// ones.
     3This is both more user-friendly and eliminates the problem of the //Submit// button being displaced by the apparition of the preview.