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Overview of tickets applicable to the TracMercurial plugin:

CachedRepository support in TracMercurial
LookupError, <file> not found in manifest
Mercurial bundle attachments should be viewable in readable representation.
Support for subrepositories mercurial extension
Mercurial plugin support for pulling repository description from hgrc
Way to configure by default displayed branch
Enhancing TracMercurial plugin to use new server-command protocol
TracMercurial hooks.py dies when using TortoiseHg
Abort: cannot follow file not in parent revision: "tracext/hg/backend.py"
[hg] encoding setting is not used for files in hg
Include Mercurial support in Trac distribution
mercurial-plugin should have unit tests
MercurialConnector should log the import errors
Quickjump should list all bookmarks, not only those of current revision
TEXTNote: this is a STARTstrong-1-1TEXTmerge-1-1ENDstrong-1-1 changeset ...

Codelines: mercurial-plugin@0.12, mercurial-plugin@0.13

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