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Overview of tickets applicable to the TracMercurial plugin:

CachedRepository support in TracMercurial
Mercurial bundle attachments should be viewable in readable representation.
Support for subrepositories mercurial extension
Mercurial plugin support for pulling repository description from hgrc
Enhancing TracMercurial plugin to use new server-command protocol
Abort: cannot follow file not in parent revision: "tracext/hg/backend.py"
[hg] encoding setting is not used for files in hg
Quickjump dropdown overflows due to Mercurial tags
Unified diff of changeset sometimes include wrong changes?
Changeset with new file links to a different revision
Include Mercurial support in Trac distribution

Codelines: mercurial-plugin@1.0, mercurial-plugin@0.13, mercurial-plugin@0.12

Note: See TracRoadmap for help on using the roadmap.