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WorkFlow Examples

Original Trac 0.10 Workflow (original-workflow.ini)

… with all its known quirks ;-)

Large diagram for the original workflow

Basic (basic-workflow.ini)

This is a "fixed" version of the original workflow. What it means for a ticket to be "accepted" is left open for interpretation.

Medium diagram for the basic workflow

Simple (simple-workflow.ini)

Very simple workflow, suitable for e.g. single user Trac environments.

Large diagram for the simple workflow

Trivial (trivial-workflow.in)

Probably too simple workflow, for illustration purpose.

Large diagram for the trivial workflow

OpenSource (opensource-workflow.ini)

Comprehensive workflow which is adapted to the way we work with tickets in the Trac project. Probably suitable for other open source projects as well, where work must be coordinated between loosely coupled developers.

Medium diagram for the opensource workflow

Enterprise (enterprise-workflow.ini)

Comprehensive workflow with a QA (Quality Assurance) stage.

Medium diagram for the enterprise workflow

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