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A plugin is available for administering your Trac projects through the web interface. This plugin is still under development, but it already supports most of the tasks performed by trac-admin.

Note: the plugin is no longer necessary starting with version 0.11 of Trac, as it has been integrated into the core package. However don't forget to give permissions to your user. This is accomplished on the command-line (the last command shows what your permissions are). Replace <username> with the name you specified in the htpasswd file:

trac-admin /path/to/my/project
permission add <username> TRAC_ADMIN
permission list <username>

The rest of this page is not of interest for anyone using 0.11.x. Just refresh your page and you will see a tab in the right upper side of the page.

The webadmin plugin can be downloaded from the Trac Subversion repository:

svn export http://svn.edgewall.com/repos/trac/plugins/0.10/webadmin/

(if the http: link doesn't work for you, you might have better success with the https: one)

Prepackaged eggs are attached to this page (you MUST build from svn for Trac 0.10.x). To use either of these, download the file and remove the .zip extension1, then drop it in the project's "plugins" directory, or read the instructions to install it for all projects:

(requires Setuptools ≥ 0.6, it will fail to load the plugin if this is missing)

Older version for Trac 0.9 - 0.9.2:

Follow the installation instructions at TracPlugins to set up the plugin.

Plugin Versions

Note that you'll have to fetch the right revision depending on the version of Trac you have installed:

Trac Web Admin
0.9b1 r2249
0.9b2 r2317
0.9 r2440
0.9.1 ?
0.9.2 ?
0.9.3 r2765
0.9.4 same
0.9.5 same
0.9.6 same
0.10.x latest from source:sandbox/webadmin
0.11.x no need for the plugin!

For the most recent version of Trac from branches/0.10-stable, you should also get the most recent version of the web admin.

Enabling the Plugin

Since [2335], if you install the plugin globally, you'll also need to enable it in trac.ini as follows:

webadmin.* = enabled

If you've just dropped the egg file into the environment plugins directory, it'll be enabled automatically.

Finally, do not forget to restart the apache server, if applicable (if you had a previous version installed). Otherwise cache issues (admin button disappearing) may arise.

Filesystem Permissions

You need to make sure that whatever user is running your Trac instances is capable of writing to your trac.ini file. If you're running the standalone tracd, this probably isn't a concern, but if you're running Trac as a CGI or inside FastCGI the chances are your webserver user (say www-data or httpd) probably isn't the owner of your Trac instances. If your webserver runs as its own (non-shared) group, my preferred solution is to change the group ownership of trac.ini and make it group-writable. If the webserver runs with some group like nobody or nogroup, then you'll need to come up with some alternate solution. (Windows users should translate all this to their own permissions schemes as appropriate).


Don't forget to give TRAC_ADMIN permissions to one of your users. That user will see an "Admin" tab in the user interface. See TracPermissions for details. The TICKET_ADMIN permission also enables the "Admin" tab. It allows users to edit ticket field values (components, severities etc.) but does not give them control over permissions.

Regenerating egg-info

If you install WebAdmin from a source checkout/export using setup.py develop, you may sometimes have to update the egg meta-data (generally whenever the setup.py script itself has changed). This can be done using the egg_info command:

python setup.py egg_info

1 Due to its double extension you would expect the file to be a zipped file within a zipped file (.egg inside of .zip). Therefore, simply removing the .zip extension without performing an unzip and expecting the .egg file to open properly seems wrong. But it does work.

Known Issues

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See also TracPlugins, PluginList

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