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Installing Trac on Windows

There are several ways to get Trac up and running on Windows. This page will give you an overview.

The CookBook/Installation#OnWindows lists several detailed step-by-step installation guides that are easy to follow, in the typical Windows point-and-click style.

If you're looking for an all-in-one installer, then the BitNami Trac stack is probably what you're looking for. It provides a Windows installer (as well as Linux, Mac x86, and Mac PPC ones) that will install in a self-contained environment Python, Apache and Subversion, along with Trac and Genshi, and will let you create a new repository and a new Trac environment. Alternatively, you can also get the same software as a VMWare image or even an Amazon Machine Images.

If all you want is a convenient list of the various installers you would need to install the different packages by yourself and stay in complete control, stay tuned (for now you can get some of them from an earlier version of this page, TracOnWindows@282).

Whichever method you pick, it will not hurt to familiarize yourself with some key concepts like the TracEnvironment, and also the TracStandalone web front-end, useful for testing or for setting up directly as a service.

The TracOnWindows/Advanced instructions cover in details alternative ways to install Trac on Windows, on different database backends or on different web server front-ends.

Finally, the installation instructions for previous major versions of Trac can still be found in the Trac0.9/TracOnWindows, 0.10/TracOnWindows pages.

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