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The following URLs are specified relative to base Trac URL:

for any kind of static resources (usually images, .css and .js). They are called static, because they don't require any server-side processing and can be served as-is. In fact to avoid firing Trac request handling many people prefer to have those static resources served directly by the web server.
using this URL Trac accesses static resources for TracInterfaceCustomization that were uploaded to environment's htdocs/ directory
using this URL Trac accesses static resources in a shared location defined by the htdocs_dir option in the inherit section of the TracIni.
with this URL Trac accesses static resources used by default Trac scheme - these are usually found in htdocs/ subdirectory in Trac installation location
plugins may also have static resources that can be accessed using Trac chrome handler

All static resources can be exported with trac-admin deploy command to serve them independently. The process is described in detail in TracInstall#MappingStaticResources. Just do not forget to re-export them after installing new plugins or upgrading Trac.

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