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     1= Deleting a Wiki Page =
     4Wiki pages can be completely deleted using the //Delete page// or the //Delete this version// button at the bottom of the wiki page. These buttons are only visible for users that have the `WIKI_DELETE` permission.
     6'''Note:''' Deleting a wiki page is an irreversible operation.
     8Deleting specific versions or even complete pages can make sense to remove spam or other abusive submissions.
     10However, if you want to delete a page because you re-created a new page with the same content but a different name, it is recommended to keep the page and use it as a redirection page instead of completely deleting it. This will avoid frustrating the visitor with broken links, particularly when coming to the site from a search engine.
     12In this situation, chances are that you actually wanted to [[WikiNewPage#renaming|rename]] the page instead of doing a copy and delete.
     13The //Rename// operation offers you the possibility to create a redirection page.
     14A redirection page is a short page that  contains a link such as  “See !SomeOtherPage”.
     17See also: TracWiki, TracPermissions