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Versioning System Backend

Currently, Trac is tightly integrated with Subversion.

Any given TracEnvironment addresses one and only one Subversion Repository. However, nothing prevents you to setup multiple Trac Environments on top of the same Subversion Repository. This can be handy to manage separately different products which share the same code repository.

Other Versioning System

As mentioned in the TracHistory, Trac was inspired by CVSTrac, a Project Management and Issue Tracking system which uses CVS as its Versioning System Backend (and quite interestingly, it also uses SQLite as its DatabaseBackend).

So, the current situation is pretty simple:

  • If you're using CVS, use CVSTrac
  • If you're using Subversion, use Trac
  • If you're using something else, you're on your own…

But as Trac is evolving, it will support more versioning system backends. This is a stated goal for the Milestone 2.0.

So far, there has been interest in the following systems:

  • #978: SVK support (as mentioned in that ticket, SVK is actually already supported in some way)
  • #893: Arch support
  • #257: Perforce support
  • #638: darcs support
  • #1492: monotone support
  • TBD: bzr support (This one is interesting in that it is written in Python.)
  • TBD: hg is also interesting in that it is also written in Python. Used by the Xen.
  • TBD: darcg-git backend might also be posible?

There's even a request that Trac should be usable without any underlying versioning system (#156).

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.