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Version Control System

Currently, Trac is tightly integrated with Subversion and Git.

Starting with Trac 0.12, a given TracEnvironment can handle multiple repositories of the same or different versioning systems (see TracRepositoryAdmin). Also, nothing prevents you from setting up multiple Trac Environments on top of the same repository. This can be handy to manage separately different products which share the same code repository.

Other Versioning Systems

As mentioned in the TracHistory, Trac was inspired by CVSTrac, a project management and issue tracking system which uses CVS as its versioning system backend. Like Trac, it uses SQLite as its DatabaseBackend, which isn't surprising considering the fact that the author of CVSTrac is also the author of SQLite (1).

The versioning systems which are supported by Trac out of the box:

  • Subversion, provided the Python bindings for Subversion are installed. See TracSubversion for more details.
  • Git, provided the git command line tools are installed. As an optional component for Trac, it needs to be enabled in the configuration. See TracGit for more details.

The other versioning systems known to work with Trac are:

In addition, there has been interest in the following systems:


CVSTrac also aims to support more SCM backends, SVN and git being worked on.

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.