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Who Uses Trac?

This is a list of companies, organizations and individuals using Trac in any fashion. If you use Trac, don't be shy to add yourself to the list.

  • Adiumhttp://adiumx.com/Adium is a multiprotocol im client for OS X. We use Trac to support our community.
  • Growlhttp://growl.info/Growl is a global notification system for OS X. We use Trac to manage our roadmap and for a trouble ticket system.
  • Arenalogichttp://arenalogic.comMultiplayer Combat flight simulator game. We use Trac to support our comunity based developement
  • Codes & Conceptshttp://www.codes-concepts.comOur internally development and project management is supported by trac. Many thanks for this great application
  • SécuriWeb inc.http://www.securiweb.net/We use Trac to maintain both customers and internal projects, we also implement/customize trac/subversion solution inside development team. Please note that our business website is completely implanted using trac wiki
  • Chronos World Editor Projecthttp://chronos.digitalsentience.com/ The Chronos project is an attempt to produce a highly flexible 3D content creation tool. It is currently aimed at producing content for the Axiom and Ogre3D engines, but is designed such that it could conceivably be used to generate content for any engine or format. It is written in C#. We use Trac for design outlines, milestone and ticket tracking, and documentation.
  • dsource.orghttp://dsource.org/dsource.org uses (will use) Trac for managing our hosted projects' content, tickets, code browsing, etc. In general, the site hosts open source projects for the D Programming Language. For those who are wondering about D, see the Digital Mars website.
  • CMS Made Simplehttp://www.cmsmadesimple.org/Trac and subversion together are a very powerful tool. We use it for all aspects of our project development.
  • Kofotohttp://kofoto.rosdahl.netThe Kofoto (an image organizer/viewer program) project uses a Trac installation as its project site.
  • SageTV Communityhttp://www.sage-community.org/The community of SageTV enthusiasts has built a website using Trac and subversion to host information about using and extending SageTV and to manage related development projects.
  • Interact S.A.http://www.interact.lu/A communication agency with an important IT department. We use Trac on more than 10 projects at the moment, both internal and external.
  • HTP, Inc.http://www.htp-inc.com/Healthcare Transaction Processing solution providers. We use Trac / svn for our PPO Router product development.
  • Voluna Software Limited / Xinit Systems Limited, UKhttp://www.voluna.com/ and http://www.xinit.com/We are a Linux-based server and storage vendor company (Xinit Systems). We are spinning off a new company called Voluna Software which uses Trac during development of its opensource storage management project called Openfiler which is available under the GNU GPL license.
  • dju`http://dju.elegiac.net/I use Trac for personal projects developement and management of documents as well as bugs/wishes lists.
  • LCD4Linuxhttp://lcd4linux.bulix.org/A Liquid Crystal Display management utility that grabs information from the kernel and some subsystems and displays it on the LCD
  • TIG : Test Image Generatorhttp://tig.bulix.org/TIG is a small program that creates high quality test images for monitors and V sets in arbitrary resolutions
  • Ruby on Railshttp://dev.rubyonrails.org/trac.cgi/report/1Rails is an open source web-application framework for Ruby. It ships with an answer for every letter in MVC: Action Pack for the Controller and View, Active Record for the Model.
  • El Derecho Editoreshttp://www.elderecho.com/We've switched from VSS and no bug-tracking to Subversion and Trac for our internal development, and quite happily too.
  • Prelude Hybrid IDS projecthttp://www.prelude-ids.org/Prelude is an innovative Hybrid Intrusion Detection system. Prelude is commited to providing an Hybrid IDS that offers the ability to unify currently available tools into one, powerful, and distributed application.
  • Trigraph, Inchttp://www.trigraph.comWe find trac to be a very useful tool and are using it along with subversion internally.
  • BFG: Firefighting Edition, UIUChttp://bfg.cs.uiuc.edu/The BFG course at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is using Trac as the portal for their effort to develop a firefighting simulation.
  • Netrino.nethttp://www.netrino.net/We use Trac to make our development process more efficient and able to respond to client needs quickly. We love it.
  • Texas State Universityhttp://www.txstate.edu/Trac is awesome! It sits behind two of of our instructional technology development projects, plus an informal knowledge base.

Our world leading hardware keystroke loggers are developed using Trac.

  • Sector 31http://sector31.czFor our web development we started using Trac shortly after switching to Subversion.
  • Endev Softwarehttp://www.endev.co.nzWe use Trac for all internal and external client projects. Our developers and clients love it - we couldn't do without it
  • Lopez Foods Inchttp://www.lopezfoods.comWe moved from VSS to Subversion. We have now incorporated Trac for internal development.
  • InfoSaucehttp://www.infosauce.com/We'd been using SVN for our SCM and we came across Trac when looking for a nice web interface for our repository. It definitely fills that need, as now I feel crippled when using SVN with-out having access to Trac, but we don't just use that functionality - we also use it for almost all of our project management.
  • Exa-Omicronhttp://www.exa-omicron.nl/We develop custom software for our clients. Since one month, we use subversion and Trac as a pilot on one of our projects. But we're going to use it with all our projects in the near future.
  • NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratoryhttp://www.jpl.nasa.gov/We use Trac & SVN to manage various deep-space and near-space projects.
  • EECS Department of Case Western Reserve Universityhttp://www.eecs.cwru.edu/We provide Trac and Subversion to all of the computer science students (and anyone else interested).
  • TerraSel Software GmbHhttp://www.terrasel.de/We use Trac + SVN to manage our internal GIS software projects in currently five installations.
  • Argonhttp://www.third-bit.com/trac/argon We are a branch of Trac designed to support multiple projects for classroom use at the University of Toronto. We also have nice features like mailing list and requirements tracking.
  • CEA Technologieshttp://www.cea.com.au/Using it for management of embedded software projects - subversion integration is very useful for us.
  • marcapo GmbHhttp://www.marcapo.com/We use Trac for bugreporting, FAQ, managing development projects and dokumentation.
  • Ischus Limitedhttp://www.ischus.co.uk/We use Trac with Subversion for internal projects and seperately with each project for different clients. We have made a small patch to Trac so that several copies run simultaneously on the same server.
  • Spring IDEhttp://springide.org/We use Trac wiki, ticketing and source code browsing features for the open source Spring IDE project which provides tooling support for the Spring Framework.

  • FlyMinehttp://www.flymine.org/The FlyMine project is building an integrated database of genomic, expression and protein data for Drosophila and Anopheles and making this available to the worldwide research community via web and bioinformatics interfaces. We use Trac internally and hope to make it a public resource in the near future.

We use trac/wiki for our internal development documentation needs.

I'm using Trac for my open-source Java projects. XJConf allows you to map any XML document to a structure of Java objects by defining rules for the mapping using an XML application. Event Dispatcher helps you creating event-centered applications in Java.

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.