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Who Uses Trac?

This is a list of companies, organizations and individuals using Trac in any fashion. If you use Trac, don't be shy to add yourself to the list.

  • SécuriWeb inc.http://www.securiweb.net/We use Trac to maintain both customers and internal projects, we also implement/customize trac/subversion solution inside development team. Please note that our business website is completely implanted using trac wiki
  • dsource.orghttp://dsource.org/dsource.org uses (will use) Trac for managing our hosted projects' content, tickets, code browsing, etc. In general, the site hosts open source projects for the D Programming Language. For those who are wondering about D, see the Digital Mars website.
  • CMS Made Simplehttp://www.cmsmadesimple.org/Trac and subversion together are a very powerful tool. We use it for all aspects of our project development.
  • Kofotohttp://kofoto.rosdahl.netThe Kofoto (an image organizer/viewer program) project uses a Trac installation as its project site.
  • SageTV Communityhttp://www.sage-community.org/The community of SageTV enthusiasts has built a website using Trac and subversion to host information about using and extending SageTV and to manage related development projects.
  • Interact S.A.http://www.interact.lu/A communication agency with an important IT department. We use Trac on more than 10 projects at the moment, both internal and external.
  • HTP, Inc.http://www.htp-inc.com/Healthcare Transaction Processing solution providers. We use Trac / svn for our PPO Router product development.
  • Voluna Software Limited / Xinit Systems Limited, UKhttp://www.voluna.com/ and http://www.xinit.com/We are a Linux-based server and storage vendor company (Xinit Systems). We are spinning off a new company called Voluna Software which uses Trac during development of its opensource storage management project called Openfiler which is available under the GNU GPL license.
  • dju`http://dju.elegiac.net/I use Trac for personal projects developement and management of documents as well as bugs/wishes lists.
  • Ruby on Railshttp://dev.rubyonrails.org/trac.cgi/report/1Rails is an open source web-application framework for Ruby. It ships with an answer for every letter in MVC: Action Pack for the Controller and View, Active Record for the Model.
  • El Derecho Editoreshttp://www.elderecho.com/We've switched from VSS and no bug-tracking to Subversion and Trac for our internal development, and quite happily too.
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