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TVfacts case clarified with Manuel Rowinski


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    100100|| Strangecode Internet Consultancy || Strangecode <heart> Trac! We use Trac for all own custom web applications. We also offer Trac and Subversion to all our web hosting customers -- Strangecode + Trac = happy developers! || ||2011-01-09||
    101101|| true global communications GmbH || This company generously does free hosting of the server running trac-hacks.org and madwifi-project.org . They use Trac internally for several purposes too. || ||2011-01-11||
     102|| TVfacts.de || We use Trac for our developers as well as bug tracking and ticketing. || ? ||2011-01-25||
    102103|| Unixservice.com || We provide DNS, Mail, HTTP, RADIUS, SQL and other mission critical cluster systems for ASPs, corporate WANs or ISPs. As well as custom C/C++ programming. We use Trac to manage all our projects, [http://openisp.net/openisp/unxsVZ ISP maintenance and support], development like [http://venus.openisp.net/openisp/mysqlBind mysqlBind], etc. ||0.11.3||2011-01-05||
    103104|| WebLOQ, Inc || We have been using Trac+SVN for the past year and a half and love it. It was so easy to setup and is now vital to our development process. We track every detail of our environment on the Wiki. We also use the Trac bug system and reference all Trac checkin through SVN in our checkin mails. || ||2011-01-09||
    108109START SKIP - will be verified by shoffmann
    110  * '''TVfacts.de''' - http://www.tvfacts.de - We use Trac for our developers as well as bug tracking and ticketing.
    112112 * '''!TrustedPlaces''' -- we use Trac for issue tracking and project documentation.