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another OSS project site: ePDFView


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    4646|| [http://dsource.org/ dsource.org] || dsource.org uses Trac for managing our hosted projects' content, tickets, code browsing, etc.  In general, the site hosts open source projects for the ''D Programming Language''.  For those who are wondering about D, see the Digital Mars website. || 0.10.5dev || 2011-01-04 ||
    4747|| [http://www.edumips.org edumips.org] || EduMIPS64, a free visual MIPS64 CPU simulator, uses Trac as the hosting platform for its website, that allows users to find info about the simulator and to browse the SVN repository. || 0.11 || 2011-06-06 ||
     48|| [http://trac.emma-soft.com/epdfview/ ePDFView] || ePDFView is a  free lightweight PDF document viewer using Poppler and GTK+ libraries. The site has a full Trac deployment including wiki documentation, ticket system and the repository browser. ||0.11.6||2011-08-22||
    4849|| [http://trac.battleclinic.com:8000/evemon EVEMon] || We develop an opensource Character Management Tool for the popular space based ''MMORPG EVE-Online''. We use all aspects of TRAC to manage our development work. ||0.13dev||2011-01-11||
    4950|| [http://forge.n7mm.org/wiki/WikiStart.en Forge.n7mm]''' || We use Trac for our internal projects, and recently we have started to offer a free hosting service of Trac projects. We are just hobbyist, but we do the maximum to offer the best service possible. || || 2011-01-16 ||