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    175175|| [http://colab.interlegis.gov.br Interlegis] || We are using Trac since 2005 to organize our developers and users communities. || 0.11.4 || 2011-01-16 ||
    176176|| Ischus Limited || We at ischus.com use Trac with Subversion internally and accessible on the internet by our clients at http://www.ischus.net via a login page. We use the wiki for recording important information about the project, the ticketing system to control the software writing and some clients access the SVN repository using Trac. We've made a small patch to Trac for complete isolation of our clients so that they cannot even see each others existence. ||0.8.4||2011-02-11||
     177|| !JavaParty || Java's Companion for Distributed Computing allows easy porting of multi-threaded Java programs to distributed environments such as clusters. The [http://svn.ipd.uka.de/trac/javaparty/wiki/JavaParty public area] of the site exposes Trac tickets, wiki for documentation, and provides some [http://svn.ipd.uka.de/trac/javaparty/browser/trac Trac customizations and plugins] like !TracRedirect, maintained by Thomas Moschny, as well. ||0.10.5||2011-07-25||
    177178|| Just Dial Pvt. Limited || Just Dial is India's No.1 Local Search Engine. We use Trac for Change Management, Bug Tracking & Task Management || 0.12 || 2011-03-02 ||
    178179|| konplan gmbh || We're using Trac for managing software projects of several embedded linux driven medical devices. || || 2011-01-16 ||