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This is the Swedish translation of some terms used in Trac.

Note that translation work for sv is already in-progress, please see #5487. Contributions can also be provided through transifex.net.

Comments are welcome.


Many English words and terms used by Trac may in general be expressed in several ways in Swedish.

The following translation conventions are therefore applied to the Swedish locale of Trac to give the user a consistent, clear and professional impression.

English Swedish Comment
Action Åtgärd
Attachment Bilaga
Available Tillgänglig
Author Författare
Browse Source Förrådet Visa förrådet
Browser webbläsare
Changeset Ändring
Completed Avklarad When used with milestones
Default Förvald This translation applies only for "Default" alone, see phrases below
Delete Radera This translation applies only for "Delete" alone, see phrases below
Directory Katalog
Due Förfallodatum When used with milestones
Edit Redigera
Email E-post
Entry Post
Environment variable Miljövariabel
Environment Trac-miljö The word "Environment" often denotes the Trac env. Be explicit about that in Swe version
Fold Fäll ihop Fold directory: Fäll ihop katalog
Grant Bevilja
Help/Guide Hjälp/guide
Hide Dölj
History Historik
Invalid Ogiltig
Irreversible Oåterkallelig
Line Rad
Login Logga in
Manage Hantera
Matches Träffar
Merge Slå samman
Merged Sammanslagen
Modify Ändra
New Ticket Nytt ärende
Notification Avisering
Path Sökväg
Permission Behörighet See also Privileges
Plugin Tillägg
Preferences Inställningar
Preview Förhandsgranska
Privileges Behörigheter See also Permissions. Consider "Rättigheter" instead of "Behörigheter"
Properties Egenskaper Tickets: Uppgifter
Recent Changes Senaste ändringar
Remove Ta bort
Rename Byt namn
Reporter Reporter (Same word is appropriate Swedish)
Repository Förrådet
Repository browser Förrådsvisare
Revoke Häva Revoke permission = häva behörighet
Roadmap Tidsplan
Revision Ändring
Search Sök
Settings Inställningar
Start Page Startsida
Submit Spara
Tabular Tabell Change to "Tabellform"?
Timeline Händelser
Toggle Dölj/visa
Unified Diff "Unified Diff" (Not translated since this denotes a named format)
Update Uppdatera
Valid Giltig
View Tickets Visa ärenden
Wiki Wiki


English Swedish Comment
… does not exist … finns ej
…: expected …, got … …: förväntade …, erhöll …
…: expected one of …, got … …: förväntade något av …, erhöll …
… has been deleted … har tagits bort
… not found … hittades ej
About Trac Om Trac
Attach File Bifoga bilaga
Changed … ago by … Ändrad för … sedan av …
Could not … Kunde ej …
Blank line Tomrad
Default … Standard…
Default repository Standardförrådet
Delete … Ta bort …
Reached milestone Avklarad milstolpe
Syntax highlighting Syntax-känslig presentation
White space Blanktecken
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