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This is the Swedish translation of some Trac Terms.
The point of this page is to help a future swedish-localized version of Trac.

Note that translation work for sv_SE is already in-progress, please see #5487.

Comments are welcome.


English Swedish Comment
Wiki Wiki
About Trac Om Trac
Attach File Bifoga fil
Browse Source Visa källkoden See comment below
Browser webbläsare
Changeset ?? See comment below
Help/Guide Hjälp
Login Logga in
Matches som passar Ticket
New Ticket Skapa nytt ärende
Page History Sidhistorik
Preview Förhandsgranska
Properties Egenskaper
Recent Changes Nya ändringar
Reporter Referent eller Avsändare ?? Suggestion: "Författare"
Repository Repository Suggestion: "Förvaret" or "Förvaringsplats"
Repository browser bläddraren Suggestion: "Visa förvaret"
Roadmap Färdplan
Search Sök
Settings Inställningar
Start Page Startsida
Submit Skicka
Timeline Tidslinje
Update Uppdatera
View Tickets Visa ärenden


Suggestion: Changeset — Förändring

Wikipedia says the following about the word changeset (wikipedia:changeset):

In revision control, changesets are a way to group a number of modifications that are relevant to each other in one atomic package, that may be cancelled or propagated as needed.

That is a very good statement, and I think the swedish word "förändring" (or alternatively "modifiering") best describes the intention of a changeset.

Browse Source — Visa källkoden

I do not agree with this translation, which means "Show Source Code" when translated back to english, and that is not the original intention, I think, since a Trac environment handles more than just source code. (It is very common to handle any kind of document using Trac/SVN (or any other VCS for that matter) though Trac is exceptionally good in showing the differences for source code (text) files.)

There does not seem to be any obvious translation that is as catchy in swedish as "browse source" is in english.

Suggestion: Browse Source — Visa filer

This really means "Show Files" in english, but I think this better reflects the original intention of "Browse Source" compared to the expression "Visa källkoden".

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