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Change History for TracTeam/Repositories

Version Date Author Comment
16 17 months Ryan J Ollos BitBucket mirror is being removed.
15 4 years Ryan J Ollos Use modern branch names.
14 4 years Ryan J Ollos Use HTTPS and try to improve flow of document.
13 5 years Ryan J Ollos Document tip in comment:3:ticket:12555.
12 5 years Ryan J Ollos Add related pages.
11 6 years Ryan J Ollos Added syntax highlighting.
10 7 years Ryan J Ollos psuter.git is active.
9 7 years Ryan J Ollos Modify command so that it will work regardless of which branch we are …
8 7 years Ryan J Ollos --set-upstream is deprecated (as reported by git
7 7 years Ryan J Ollos Need to fetch mirror before getting tracking branches.
6 7 years Jun Omae Added how to get tags from mirror repository
5 8 years Jun Omae Added rjollos.git to browsable repositories and examples
4 8 years ethan.jucovy@… Add rjollos to list of people who have git repositories
3 9 years Ryan J Ollos <ryan.j.ollos@…> After adding the remote, I had to run git fetch remote (I won't add …
2 9 years Christian Boos list the existing repositories
1 9 years Christian Boos some details for working with the git developer repositories