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Suggesting some enhancements that I'd like to work on.

Trac Sprints

Next Sprint

The next sprint will be at PyCon 2009 from Monday, March 30 to Thursday, April 2, 2009. There will be an introductory session on Sunday, March 29th.

Sprint Ideas

  • Bug Squashing for 0.12: milestone:0.12
  • Merging account manager interfaces into core
  • Improving the tests
    • Test other databases
    • Test frontend systems in an automated way
    • Better errors with missing dependencies
  • Performance profiling
  • Multi-repos branch work


If there is a topic that you think should be worked on, please list it below.

Jorge Vargas:

  • Multi-project support (#130)
  • Ticket Progress Bar (#1084)
  • Ticket Comment Editing (#454)
  • Bulk Ticket Changes (#525)
  • Ticket Dependencies (#31)

Erik Bray:

  • Support for 'OR' clauses in Trac queries (#2647)
    • Figure out a reasonable way to represent this in both TracQuery strings and URLs
    • Extend the query UI to support this functionality
    • As suggested by cboos, rewrite query.js to use jQuery where appropriate.

Removed data from last year

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