Edgewall Software

Change History for TracRepositories

Version Date Author Comment
20 3 years Ryan J Ollos BitBucket mirror is being removed.
19 5 years figaro Update link
18 7 years Jun Omae use https for svn.edgewall.org, bitbucket.org and github.com
17 8 years figaro Cosmetic changes
16 11 years Christian Boos update tip to get write access to the repository
15 11 years Christian Boos consistent use of sentence capitalization for section titles
14 11 years Christian Boos link to team members repositories
13 13 years Christian Boos restructure sections a bit
12 13 years Christian Boos mixed working copies on Windows and the hg eol extension
11 13 years Remy Blank Mention HgSvnUtils in the …
10 13 years Christian Boos #9235 completed
9 13 years Christian Boos copied svn checkout example from TracInstall@303
8 13 years Lele Gaifax Mention the writable https URL
7 15 years djc <manuzhai@…> Add a link to my Mercurial mirror.
6 17 years Christian Boos Link to the Subversion repository should use .org
5 17 years Christian Boos jonas should be the contact person at Edgewall, as daniel is no longer …
4 17 years sid@… Found better instructions on the TracDev/SubmittingPatches page, so …
3 17 years sid@… Add title and instructions on how to check out trunk.
2 18 years anonymous
1 19 years daniel