Edgewall Software

Change History for TracRepositories

Version Date Author Comment
20 5 months Ryan J Ollos BitBucket mirror is being removed.
19 2 years figaro Update link
18 4 years Jun Omae use https for svn.edgewall.org, bitbucket.org and github.com
17 6 years figaro Cosmetic changes
16 8 years Christian Boos update tip to get write access to the repository
15 8 years Christian Boos consistent use of sentence capitalization for section titles
14 8 years Christian Boos link to team members repositories
13 10 years Christian Boos restructure sections a bit
12 10 years Christian Boos mixed working copies on Windows and the hg eol extension
11 10 years Remy Blank Mention HgSvnUtils in the …
10 10 years Christian Boos #9235 completed
9 10 years Christian Boos copied svn checkout example from TracInstall@303
8 10 years Lele Gaifax Mention the writable https URL
7 13 years djc <manuzhai@…> Add a link to my Mercurial mirror.
6 14 years Christian Boos Link to the Subversion repository should use .org
5 14 years Christian Boos jonas should be the contact person at Edgewall, as daniel is no longer …
4 14 years sid@… Found better instructions on the TracDev/SubmittingPatches page, so …
3 14 years sid@… Add title and instructions on how to check out trunk.
2 15 years anonymous
1 17 years daniel