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Feb 24, 2017, 2:27:44 AM (4 years ago)
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    1616Current filters can be removed by clicking the button to the left with the minus sign on the label. New filters are added from the dropdown lists at the bottom corners of the filters box; 'And' conditions on the left, 'Or' conditions on the right.  Filters with either a text box or a dropdown menu of options can be added multiple times to perform an ''Or'' on the criteria.
     18For text fields such as Keywords and CC the `-` operator can be used to negate a match and double quotes can be used to match a phrase. For example, a //contains// match for `word1 word2 -word3 "word4 word5"` matches tickets containing `word1` and `word2`, not `word3` and `word4 word5`.
    1820You can use the fields just below the filters box to group the results based on a field, or display the full description for each ticket.
    100102|| '''`!$=`''' || the field content does not end with any of the values ||
     104Filters combining matches and negated matches can be constructed for text fields such as Keywords and CC when using the //contains// (`~=`) operator. The `-` operator is used to negate a match and double-quotes are used for whitespace-separated words in a phrase. For example, `keywords~=word1 word2 -word3 "word4 word5"` matches tickets containing `word1` and `word2`, not `word3` and also `word4 word5`.
    102106The date fields `created` and `modified` can be constrained by using the `=` operator and specifying a value containing two dates separated by two dots (`..`). Either end of the date range can be left empty, meaning that the corresponding end of the range is open. The date parser understands a few natural date specifications like "3 weeks ago", "last month" and "now", as well as Bugzilla-style date specifications like "1d", "2w", "3m" or "4y" for 1 day, 2 weeks, 3 months and 4 years, respectively. Spaces in date specifications can be omitted to avoid having to quote the query string.
    103107|| '''`created=2007-01-01..2008-01-01`''' || query tickets created in 2007 ||