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Oct 24, 2006, 2:30:42 PM (16 years ago)
Christian Boos

Follow-up to the Page Mode Options idea


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     81===== '' '' ===== #wiki-page-title
    8282The thoughts on navigation are well received, but I have one other gripe: the wiki pages don't have their title within the body of the page! Yes the title is in the title bar of the browser, but this isn't a place most people look. Having used several other wikis, I had grown used to seeing the CamelCase page titlein large type at top of the page. Makes it easier when communicating with others (over the phone for instance) - "I'm on page ''CoolFeatures'', what page are you lookin' at?"[[BR]]
    8383(See #1784)
    8989 * '''Page Links''',  for links that make sense exclusively for this one module page, irrespective of the current '''mode''' of the page. E.g. different views of the same page.
    9090 * '''Page Mode Options''', for actions that depend on the current page '''mode''', such as ''View'', ''Modify'', ... these actions are acting on this same page, and therefore should appear as appropriate. All actions should also be rendered as buttons (as active or disabled), as this implies more clearly their nature (''that latter point is "fixed" now'' -- cboos). Also, you may want in some cases to be able to display these multiple times on the same page, for convenience... such as the "Save Changes", "Cancel" options when editing a wiki page could be in 2 places, below the main textarea as well as below the previewed content (''this is the case for e.g. ''View Differences...'' buttons'' -- cboos).  --mario
     92To follow-up on the '''Page Mode Options''' idea, I think that there should be an easy way to switch between different "aspects" of the same resource, maybe using "tabs" a la WikiPedia.
     94 - For Wiki pages, in addition to the default ''article'', there could be an ''History'' mode and
     95   a ''Discussion'' page (comments for wiki pages, similar to the ones we currently have for tickets).
     96   Improving upon WikiPedia, the ''article'' tab could even show the actual WikiPageName, which would
     97   answer to the feature request expressed [#wiki-page-title above].
     98 - For Ticket pages, we could as well have a ''View'', ''History'' and eventually a ''SubTickets'' page.
     99 - For a Changeset we could have a ''Discussion'' page as well.
     100 - For the TracBrowser, we could integrate the ''Revision Log'' view as an ''History'' tab.