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Feb 20, 2005, 6:39:03 PM (17 years ago)
mario <mario@…>

propose idea of "Page Mode Options" to help think about trac navigation


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    6868The current flexibility of trac Wiki and having a start-page and a title-index is ok, but is a bit tedious to create and a standard navigation layout would be beneficial if users switch between different trac sites.
     70''Suggestions #694 and #695 are related to the idea of a wiki hierarchy and a wiki navigation menu... --mario''
    8182The thoughts on navigation are well received, but I have one other gripe: the wiki pages don't have their title within the body of the page! Yes the title is in the title bar of the browser, but this isn't a place most people look. Having used several other wikis, I had grown used to seeing the CamelCase page titlein large type at top of the page. Makes it easier when communicating with others (over the phone for instance) - "I'm on page ''CoolFeatures'', what page are you lookin' at?"
     86In addition to your nice and clear analysis of the trac navigation system, I'd like to raise an issue that I do not think you address, concerning what you call "Module" and "Local" navigation. When using trac, I feel there is a lot of inconsistency here and lots of room for improvement. It seems to me that these links/actions should be further broken down into 3 categories as opposed to the 2 that you propose:
     87 * '''Module Navigation Links''', for links that are useful and makes sense irrespective of whichever page we are in the module, i.e. these links do not change between module pages... for example, currently below "View Tickets" we sometimes get a "Custom Query" link, e.g. when showing a report, but not always, e.g. when displaying a ticket. But, to me it seems interesting to have the Custom Query link on every page below "View Tickets"... Furthermore, on the  "Custom Query"  itself, the link should not disappear, and thus be consistent with higher level navigation practices.
     88 * '''Page Links''',  for links that make sense exclusively for this one module page, irrespective of the current '''mode''' of the page. E.g. different views of the same page.
     89 * '''Page Mode Options''', for actions that depend on the current page '''mode''', such as ''View'', ''Modify'', ... these actions are acting on this same page, and therefore should appear as appropriate. All actions should also be rendered as buttons (as active or disabled), as this implies more clearly their nature. Also, you may want in some cases to be able to display these multiple times on the same page, for convenience... such as the "Save Changes", "Cancel" options when editing a wiki page could be in 2 places, below the main textarea as well as below the previewed content.  --mario