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Running Trac on IIS 6

Currently Trac will not run properly un-patched on Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server). This is due to a buggy CGI implementation by Microsoft. See #692 #693 and #697.

Hint's for getting it working:

  • Do NOT rename trac.cgi to trac.py - you will get an import error "No module named core". Either setup the IIS script mapping so that python.exe is used for .cgi files or rename trac.cgi to cgitrac.py.
  • Ensure that Python is enabled as a Web Service Extension on IIS 6. You may need to add the python.exe interpreter to get this working. Ensure that you use the same parameters as you have in the script mapping.

The following script mapping is what worked for me:

c:\Python23\python.exe -u "%s" %s

For info on setting up Python for CGI on IIS 6 see: http://www.visualwin.com/Perl/

Also see these messages on the mailing list:

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.