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Moving suggestions and comments back from TracOnWindows

Trac on Windows (discussion)

Note: this page was initially containing the rewritten instructions for installing Trac on Windows. The rewritten instructions can now be found in the TracOnWindows page itself. The old content of that page, which was specific to Trac 0.9 is now located in Trac0.9/TracOnWindows.

Suggestions / Discussion / Ideas …

  • Hopefully this 0.10 rewrite can include upgrade instructions for 0.9.6 users. That would be immensely comforting. Thanks for your excellent work…
  • Clarification added for subversion install (figured out on own - then saw a helpful post). May add some notes here about the Trac Admin setup as well. Of course if my editing isn't seen as a clarification - you can and will reverse it.

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