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Dec 2, 2006, 12:49:04 AM (14 years ago)

Deleted our silly comments and added real notes.


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    136136  * Hopefully this 0.10 rewrite can include upgrade instructions for 0.9.6 users. That would be immensely comforting. Thanks for your excellent work...
    138  * I'm sorry but I'm having fits with this installation.  For example, the given All-In-One Installer seems to install dependencies - and not the SVN application.  The link provided for "install their command-line tools." simply jumps to the Optional Subversion install.  So which goes in first - SVN or the installer?  Just a bit frustrated being new to this and being a Pointy Haired Boss who doesn't have the mental bandwidth nor team time to focus in for 2 hrs to go through all of this.  Windows XP SP2.
    139   - If you're a real PHB, how come you don't have the 2 days to set up a meeting and afterwards ask your local Dilbert to run a 2 weeks evaluation period ;) Sorry, couldn't resist... More to the point, you should install the Subversion tools and more importantly the bindings first.
     137  * Clarification added for subversion install (figured out on own - then saw a helpful post).  May add some notes here about the Trac Admin setup as well.  Of course if my editing isn't seen as a clarification - you can and will reverse it.