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Instructions for the experimental Python-only installation that one can try with Python 2.5 on Windows


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     1= TracOnWindows with Python2.5 =
     3''Warning: as of this writing, this page describes an '''experimental''' but working setup for Trac''
     5TracOnWindows/Rewrite focuses on installing 0.10 with Python 2.4, as this is currently the version for which all the required dependencies for [milestone:0.10] are easily available.
     7Using [milestone:0.10] with Python 2.5 should theoretically work if you manage to build ClearSilver for that version. This shouldn't be a big deal on Unix systems (mh, is that even true?) but it is likely to be problematic on Windows.
     9Fortunately, there's another option. For [milestone:0.10], we plan to switch to another templating engine, namely [http://genshi.edgewall.org/ Genshi], from fellow Trac developer Christopher Lenz.
     11The migration has actually already started, and should be usable by adventurous users (and that must be the case if you're using Python 2.5, right?).
     13If furthermore you don't need to interface with Subversion, then all you need besides Python 2.5 are a few Python packages.
     14As some packages require the latest development version of the software, you'll nevertheless need a `svn` client to checkout the software from their repositories.
     16== Installing Python 2.5 on Windows ==
     18Simply [http://www.python.org/download/releases/2.5/#download-the-release download] and install the appropriate .msi for your Python platform:
     19 - [http://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.5/python-2.5.msi Python-2.5.msi]
     20 - [http://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.5/python-2.5.amd64.msi Python-2.5.amd64.msi]
     21 - [http://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.5/python-2.5.ia64.msi Python-2.5.ia64.msi]
     23== Installing Genshi ==
     25[http://genshi.edgewall.org/wiki/Download#Zippackage Download] the zip package:
     26 - [http://ftp.edgewall.com/pub/genshi/Genshi-0.3.zip Genshi-0.3.zip]
     28Unzip, go in the folder, then run `python setup.py install`.
     30== Installing Trac ==
     32First, you need the genshi branch from the sandbox:
     34> cd C:\src
     35> svn http://svn.edgewall.com/repos/trac/sandbox/genshi trac-genshi
     36> cd trac-genshi
     37> python setup.py install
     40Then, have a look at how to setup the TracEnvironment, use the TracStandalone web front-end and you're set.
     42== Installing Plugins ==
     44Currently, there's only the WebAdmin plugin which has been migrated to Genshi.
     45You can also grab it from a branch, and install it the same way as Trac:
     47> cd C:\src
     48> svn http://svn.edgewall.com/repos/trac/sandbox/webadmin-genshi webadmin-genshi
     49> cd webadmin-genshi
     50> python setup.py install
     52Note that if you used Subversion 1.4 for doing the checkout, you'll probably need to install first a recent `setuptools` package, itself available from `http://svn.python.org/projects/sandbox/trunk/setuptools`. Version 0.7a1 from the repository worked for me.
     54== Caveats ==
     56Of course, this is ''bleeding edge'' software, so you'll probably discover a few bugs when using Trac in this configuration. You will be more than welcomed to report those bugs, as we're currently actively developing those Genshi branches which should become the basis for the next Trac development cycle, shortly after the [milestone:0.10] release.
     58Known issues:
     59 - The report module is still not converted
     60 - The ''group by'' feature of ''Custom queries'' doesn't sort the groups
     64See also: TracOnWindows/Rewrite