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Change History for TracOnWindows/Advanced

Version Date Author Comment
27 6 years figaro Removed dead link
26 6 years figaro Cosmetic changes
25 6 years anonymous IIS8+ has HttpPlatformHandler
24 8 years Jun Omae Should not use Python-Eggs directory under the user's session if run …
23 8 years Jun Omae It'd simple to use raw strings.
22 8 years anonymous Added script adjustments required for mod_wsgi on windows
21 11 years Seb Patane <seb@…>
20 11 years Christian Boos move the mod_wsgi section up, restructure the page
19 11 years Christian Boos refresh the #Apacheandmod_wsgi section
18 12 years Christian Boos simplify the page by removing links to outdated packages and adding …
17 13 years mrt181 updated the link to the mod_wsgi windows binary site
16 14 years meltir@… added direct links to new mod_python, including python2.5
15 14 years Christian Boos #InternetInformationServicesIIS: add link to TracOnWindowsIisAjp
14 14 years Christian Boos Update links for database bindings downloads
13 14 years yarkot1@… updated for Trac 0.11b1
12 15 years Mark Mc Mahon fixed the link to the wiki:Trac0.9/TracOnWindows page
11 15 years Mark Mc Mahon Added not regarding the IE problems with SSPI - and how to resolve them
10 15 years etienne.pub@… Rephrased my last paragraph in plain english :-) (and one typo …
9 15 years mark.m.mcmahon@… Added a note regarding the SSPI parameter "SSPIOmitDomain"
8 15 years etienne.pub@… Added information on how to authenticate users in a Windows environment
7 15 years etienne.pub@… Added a "mod_wsgi" section and links to Windows binaries
6 15 years james@… IIS paragraph: fixed link syntax, slight edit to wording.
5 15 years Christian Boos We can't really say that MySQL is still experimental: simply the …
4 15 years anonymous
3 16 years Christian Boos Links to additional packages added
2 16 years Christian Boos Added links to packages for PostgreSQL and MySQL python bindings
1 16 years Christian Boos Some pointers for mod_python and placeholders for the rest