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Change History for TracOnRhel4WithoutYum

Version Date Author Comment
10 7 years figaro Cosmetic changes
9 7 years figaro Cosmetic changes
8 15 years neil@… Trac 0.10.4 does work with rpm clearsilver-0.10.4-2.el4.rf
7 15 years katzke@… Added warning about x86_64, clearsilver will not compile on RHEL x86_64
6 15 years JonTheNiceGuy Made the "Search and Replace" version easier to copy!
5 15 years JonTheNiceGuy Postgres actually doesn't like it if you don't have the local …
4 15 years anonymous
3 15 years JonTheNiceGuy Some minor adjustments
2 15 years JonTheNiceGuy Made some minor editing changes to this thread and tidied up some of …
1 15 years jon@… My personal experiences with installing Trac on Redhat Enterprise …