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Change History for TracOnRHEL

Version Date Author Comment
9 7 years Ryan J Ollos Link is a dead-end and it appears that Trac is no longer packaged for RHEL.
8 7 years figaro Cosmetic changes
7 11 years valentin@… do it wikied !
6 12 years tim.hayton Added note about missing mod_python dependency
5 15 years cburley@… Clarify that rpmforge-release does not contain/install yum and that …
4 15 years anonymous Minor fix (missing =)
3 15 years Nico.Kadel-Garcia@… Take out extraneous Then.
2 15 years nkadel@… Provide more RHEL specific details: correct numbering of listed components.
1 15 years nkadel@… Add installation notes for RHEL.