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The downloadable rpms are for both RedHat and Fedora Core (both 1 and 2).

Lee asks: Does the Fedora RPM install the dependencies listed on Trac's install page? I ask because I installed the Trac Fedora RPM and the install went smoothly, but Trac is not accessable on the system and its dependencies are not installed.

EricHopper replies: It does not. I had to hunt down all of the dependencies myself. They did all exist in RPM form, which is good.

Hello, here is a list I've made for dependencies. Can you tell me where are the packages that are marked as ???

  • python
  • python-devel
  • python-xml : ???
  • subversion
  • python-subversion : ???
  • Subversion Python bindings (Caveat: Trac uses the SWIG bindings that come with the Subversion distribution, and not the PySVN bindings!)
  • sqlite : dag
  • python-sqlite : dag
  • clearsilver : dag
  • python-clearsilver : dag
  • docutils : ???
  • httpd

Fedora.us Livna.org Cheers, zimba

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