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Mar 3, 2005, 12:54:46 AM (15 years ago)
Matthew Good <trac matt-good net>

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    1 =vvvv Installing and Running Trac on Debian =
     1= Installing and Running Trac on Debian =
    33The Debian Sid distribution already contain Trac and all required dependencies.
    58 ----sadasdasd
    6060 * Be careful with the above steps.  I attempted to follow them on an "existing" (i.e. not fresh) woody box and was unsuccessful in part because I had managed to install a newer version of subversion from source before deciding to try the packages.  I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to sarge so I could use the goodness that is apt while also using fsfs repositories.  Aside from breaking my pptpd install, the upgrade only partially solved my trac/subversion woes; I was able to get apache2-mod-svn working, but trac-admin from the command line would fail when one of the subversion Python modules went looking for libswig1.3.21 and  I had only libswig1.3.22; symlinking libswig1.3.21.so -> libswig1.3.22.so solved that problem but left me with another error in fs.py when running trac-admin help from the command line.  After much gnashing of teeth, I tried removing the subversion package and the trac package; this triggered an uninstall of several then-unused support packages, including python2.3.  However, /usr/lib/python2.3 still existed and was not empty, despite the apt database showing absolutely no python packages of any version installed.  I manually rm'd /usr/lib/python2.3, did an aptitude install subversion trac, and stuff worked; I'm fairly convinced that the manual reworkings of the python install (as described above) were directly related, if not causative, in the problem; the fix could have been as simple as: